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Autism, Learning Disabilities & Challenging Behaviour Support


If you have ASC (Autism Spectrum Conditions), Learning Disabilities and/or Challenging Behaviour – we offer a service where our Carers have specific training and experience to support you work towards your goals within the community. Often our Carers come from backgrounds that involve working in a variety of settings like special needs schools, day centres, volunteering at specialist centres, clubs, activities and holiday schemes etc. thus equipping them with the skills and knowledge in how best to look after you, especially if you have more specialised needs within this area.

A typical booking may involve spending some time at home and then taking you out and about in the community to partake in an activity of your choosing. Here are examples of some of the activities we have assisted with to date:

College Courses – Sports & Exercise – Swimming - Urban Farms – Theme Parks

Companion Cycling - Gardening Projects – Pottery Classes

Museums - Cinema – Bowling – Air Hop etc.

If you prefer being supported at home for the whole period of time, our Carers are more than happy to simply be there with you (for safety and security) or to assist you with home based activities if you prefer - cooking and baking, arts and crafts, listening to music, etc. Whatever the activity, our Carers are focussed on ensuring that you receive a good service and are enabled to do as much as you can for yourself whilst being treated with kindness, understanding and respect.

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

2:1 Support

Depending on the level of need, we are also able to offer 2:1 support if required to assist the client within the community.


The Autism, Learning Disabilities & Challenging Behaviour Service operates by working out a schedule of support over the week. Setting up a schedule of this nature varies depending on the level of need and support.


As an example, for a client with needs around Autism & Challenging Behaviour – 2:1 support may be scheduled for eight hours a day between Monday and Friday whilst the parents are at work. Based from home, during this time the  Carers might take the client out in to the community to engage in various activities whilst also being available to take the client to appointments if need be whilst the parents are working.

“Their PAs take my daughter out for day trips which she absolutely loves giving her much needed access to the community.”

Social Services Referrals

Much of our work in this area is referred from Local Authorities, Social Services and NHS Continuing Care teams – so if you are on Direct Payments or have a Personal Budget, then we are adept and experienced at working with you to manage the budget accordingly and within the guidelines.

Walking Aid
Comforting Hands

A summary of the benefits of Autism, LD & Challenging Behaviour Support:

  • Carer support can be arranged to take you out during the day time, in the evenings and on weekends

  • Our Carers receive appropriate training and are mentored and supervised throughout their work

  • We work in a person centred manner and look to find out what activities you enjoy and how best we can support these to happen

  • Where possible, we work closely with family members, social services and other service providers to establish your support requirements if required

  • As we are CQC (Care Quality Commission) Regulated our Carers are also able to provide personal care support should you require it

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