Live In Care

Across Surrey 

Katie Joyce – Live In Care Manager

I joined the management team after working with Amily Homecare initially as a carer. Prior to this, I had been in a senior role within a care home. I have a true passion for working with more vulnerable clients including those with dementia and people at the end of their life - and take huge pride in knowing I have made a difference to someone’s day. I approach my work treating people how I would expect my parents to be cared for by showing dignity, respect and providing the quality of care they deserve. I have built strong relationships with all of our clients and am looking forward to growing the live in care service with the same care, compassion and commitment.

As the Live In Care Manager, I will be ensuring the highest quality of care is given to our more vulnerable clients who require 24/7 support whilst being able to remain in their own homes.


For those considering moving in to a care home, this can be both a daunting and expensive prospect and for this reason, Amily Homecare are able to offer a cost-effective alternative which will enable you to be cared for 24/7 whilst remaining within the safety, privacy and sanctuary that is your own home.


This is our specialised Live In Care service and by having a Live In Carer live and look after you throughout the week, we believe this is the most cost effective way of off-setting the idea of moving to a care home – and having a complete peace of mind care solution in the comfort of your own home!

Our Live In Carers work in weekly or fortnightly rotations, thereby you will have one Live In Carer stay with you for one to two weeks before they hand over to the next carer. Whilst with you, your Live In Carer will be able to assist you with a variety of domestic tasks such as cooking, laundry, washing, tidying, vacuuming - as well as attending to your all important personal care, medical and mobility needs.


The other benefit of having a Live In Carer stay with you is that they can assist and attend various activities and appointments with you if you wish them to – from taking you to health and medical appointments, to assisting you to social engagements, shopping together, attending any activities, clubs, societies or events of your choosing etc.


When the service works best though, is when you have a trusted Live In Carer you can talk to and engage with and who can simply be there for you – especially if you live alone and could benefit from feeling uplifted by having the presence and company of the right person with you.


Your Live In Carer is always there for you and as a result of this, live in care is ideal if you wish to feel safe by having the security of a companion be with you both day and night, whilst also staying within the comfort of your own home, local surroundings and community.


Our Live In Care service includes:


Domestic Support

Our Live In Carers are able to assist you with a range of domestic chores including cooking, laundry, ironing, vacuuming, changing the bed linen etc. They can also assist you with post, managing your administration if need be, shopping etc.


Meal Preparation

Our Live In Carers can help prepare nutritious meals. Whether hot or cold meals, they can help buy, prepare and cook healthy meals. Trained in Food Hygiene, Fluids & Nutrition - our Live In Carers can also assist to monitor what you eat and drink.

“An excellent service and hands on management…”


Personal Care

Assisting with personal care needs can be a sensitive area of work. Our Live In Carers are trained and supervised to ensure they provide personal care in a patient, professional, considered and respectful manner. This is to ensure that the dignity of our clients is maintained through the manner of the Live In Carers approach. Personal care can involve assistance with showering, washing, dressing, toileting, shaving, skin, teeth, eyes, feet care as well as other necessary activities.


Medication Support

Detailed medication information makes up a key part of the support planning process. Our Live In Carers can assist you to take medication at the right times. This information will also be recorded for other healthcare professionals to access. Live In Carers can also collect prescriptions from the pharmacy and liaise with health professionals on your behalf if required.


A summary of the benefits of Live In Care:


  • This is the equivalent of having a full time private carer

  • Provides around the clock care and support

  • Cost effective alternative to going in to residential care

  • Provides constant companionship throughout the whole week

  • Have someone to be with you when attending appointments, going shopping etc.

  • Allows you to feel safe and protected both day and night

  • Allows you to stay connected to your local surroundings and community

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