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Sleeping & Waking Nights


Sleeping Night Carers stay with you throughout the night on standby, but asleep. They can wake to provide small amounts of assistance such as in and out of bed, toileting and preparing light snacks during the night, or simply providing reassurance and a calm presence.


Waking Nights have Carers awake and alert throughout the night, and are therefore able and ready to provide support at any moment. The Carer may perform some light domestic tasks during the night, maximising productivity whilst also being attentive and ensuring your safety and well-being.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Our Sleeping and Waking Nights service includes:


Light Domestic Support

Our Carers are able to assist you with some light domestic chores including tidying, cleaning the kitchen, washing, ironing, mopping, sweeping, dusting etc all taking place whilst you are asleep and are safely tucked up in bed.


Light Meal & Snacks Preparation

Our Carer workers can help prepare nutritious meals. Whether hot or cold meals, they can help prepare and cook healthy meals. Trained in Food Hygiene, Fluids & Nutrition - our Carers can also assist to monitor what you eat and drink.

“The carers were very capable, attentive & caring…”


Personal Care

Assisting with personal care needs can be a sensitive area of work. Our Carers are trained and supervised to ensure they provide personal care in a patient, professional, considered and respectful manner. This is to ensure that the dignity of our clients is maintained through the manner of the Carers approach. Personal care can involve assistance with showering, washing, dressing, toileting, shaving, skin, teeth, eyes, feet care as well as other necessary activities.


Medication Support

Detailed medication information makes up a key part of the support planning process. Our Carers can assist you to take medication at the right times. This information will also be recorded for other healthcare professionals to access. Carers can also collect prescriptions from the pharmacy and liaise with health professionals on your behalf if required.

A summary of the benefits of Sleeping/ Waking Nights Care:


  • Depending on your level of need, sleeping or waking nights allow you to feel safe, protected and looked after in your own home

  • Night carers are able to prepare snacks & drinks; assist you in and out of bed and assist you to go to the toilet if required

  • Our carers can also talk to you and provide a calm and reassuring presence if you have trouble sleeping or are restless at night

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