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"Amily Homecare have been looking after a lady friend of mine, for whom I am now Power of Attorney. They are an absolutely wonderful service with an excellent and hands on Managing Director and all the staff with whom we have dealt are extremely efficient, caring and compassionate.  They are also great “handymen” who are able to fix and call the right people when things go wrong.


Without Amily my lady friend would not have been able to survive on her own for so long in her own property.  They have been companions, friends, mentors for the last year.


She has had two Personal Assistants who have cleaned up constant bouts of sickness and diarrhoea without complaint.  As she is completely house bound they have taken her out with her wheelchair in cars, taxis and buses.  She has been taken shopping, to the doctor, to the hospital, to the cinema and to play bridge.  Great empathy has been shown by both her main carers and ALL the other carers that have been necessary at certain times.  They have done the cooking for her supplying meals she requests.  They have kept her flat extremely tidy and clean and have also look after her cat.


However, our main aim has been to get the lady in question into a home and this has all been done with great support from the carers who will continue to support her in the home until she feels at ease.


I would have no hesitation in recommending Amily Homecare to any family or individual who want a personalized and caring service for themselves or loved ones.


If anyone wishes to contact me I would be most happy to speak to people."


Friend of client with Mobility Issues, Mental Health & Alcohol Dependency Issues

Teddington, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

"My first contact with Amily Homecare was when I was struggling managing the health and welfare issues relating to my mother who had poor mobility due to arthritis, dementia, mental health issues and suffered a fall at her home where she lived with my brother who also had mental health issues.  Several months past and mums health deteriorated and in mums and other family members best interest, mum had to be moved into a respite residential nursing care home. 


At this time, I was in contact with social services for support to help me with mum and other family crisis that had been ongoing for several months.  I was feeling overwhelmed.  On visits to the home, I frequently would have to leave mum as I found her, alone. I was feeling guilty and after several months, mum was making little improvement in her health and was frequently very depressed.  During this period of my increasing anxiety, I made contact with Butch the manager of Amily homecare and I explained my complex family circumstance and ongoing concerns, desperate for some sort of help or support for mum, but not really knowing what was available or required.  Butch listened and comments he made demonstrated he appeared to have a good understanding of my concerns and issues involved. Butch then met mum briefly at the home to make an initial assessment.  I was surprised when within only a day or two, Butch provided me with a detailed costed plan of support.  I explained and discussed the plan with mum and we agreed to the terms and cost that we considered reasonable and the plan was initiated. 


Mum was allocated Amily Homecare personal assistant, Karen within a few days.  Karen would visit mum at the home for several hours a day to provide companionship, help understand and explain things and accompany her to home activities as well as some hospital and home external visits.  Mum very soon, began to trust and look forward to Karen’s arrival and after some weeks, myself and other family members as well as home staff, noticed a significant improvement in mums mood and emotional wellbeing.  In parallel with mums daily visit from her personal assistant, mum was also receiving conventional nursing and medical care as appropriate and after about six months of this regular support, although mum still had poor mobility and was in a wheel chair, mums emotional wellbeing improved significantly and was better able to enjoy, engage and interact with staff and other clients at the home.


During the past six months, Butch and Karen have demonstrated total professionalism throughout and consistent care, compassion and understanding of mums needs, occasionally providing short notice support outside normal working hours when required and were contactable to talk about any concerns we had, at any time and help provide solutions or advice where appropriate. 


It is my belief that without the prompt targeted, specialised support as received from Butch and Amily Homecare staff, mum would not have made such rapid improvement to her health and wellbeing as she has. I feel mum is now much more emotionally robust and better able to cope with residential living and interacting with others, trying new things and enjoy the life she has left.  Furthermore, during this period, knowing mum was with a person on a daily basis, I trusted and mum enjoyed their company, was in my mind crucial, since having such support gave me some peace of mind and respite.  Thank you Amily Homecare."


Son of client with Dementia

West Byfleet, Surrey


"Butch and his team at Amily Homecare went out of their way to help find the right carers to meet Mum’s needs during a crisis period. The carers were very capable, attentive and caring and the service and follow up received from Amily stood out against other providers. I would highly recommend Amily Homecare to anyone needing the comfort of knowing their loved one is being well looked after."


Daughter of client with Alzheimer’s

Virginia Water, Surrey


"Friendly, assuring and very helpful – excellent service."


Client with Asperger’s Syndrome

Twickenham, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

"At 94, a bit of help getting to appointments is very much appreciated – thank you"


Client with Mobility Issues


Amily Home Care were very professional at all times in caring for my mother who has Dementia who has now gone into Dementia Care. The staff were efficient and understanding. Any issues we had were dealt with in a caring efficient manner. I highly recommend Amily Home Care for caring for a loved in the home.


Daughter-in-law of client with Dementia


"Amily are a crucial part in the wellbeing of our family.  Their Personal Assistants take my daughter out for day trips which she absolutely loves giving her much needed access to the community.  I can also relax during that time knowing my daughter is being well cared and is safe.  Due to the nature of my daughter's learning difficulties, she can at times display very challenging behaviours which are very well managed by Amily's experienced staff.  I would have no doubt in recommending the services Amily provide as I have always found them to be very professional, caring and also immensely easy to deal with at the end."



Mother of young adult with Autism & Challenging Needs

Twickenham, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

   Call us on 01932 259 613
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